New: private categories
The top-requested item of many users is now reality: you can mark any category on your wiki as hidden to the public, or less privileged members. This lets admins and members plot in secret without having to create separate private sites.

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Wikidot introduces data entry forms
Wikidot data forms make it possible to build simple applications into your wikidot sites. A normal wiki page holds unstructured text. A wiki page with a data form holds structured data ("fields"). Structured data is easier to edit, to understand, and to work with in many cases.

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New bug tracker for Wikidot
This week, Wikidot.com launched a new bug tracker where you can easily report bugs and follow their progress as the Wikidot developers find and squash them.

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Win a Pro account prize!
Wikidot Inc. is giving away five Pro accounts (each worth €119.90 or $119.90 and valid for 1 year), to designers of the most useful or interesting CSS/CSI packages.

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Wikidot reliability at 99.85%
The Wikidot blog reports that "after fixing caching issues this summer, and before upgrading to the new super-fast database servers, we had about 99.7% uptime, and since then it's around 99.85%. This comes down to about 1 hour downtime per month."

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New plans offer 5x the storage space
The Wikidot professional plans now offer five times the storage space for your wiki attachments. Pro-lite accounts get 15 GB (instead of 3 GB), Pro accounts get 50 GB (instead of 10 GB), and Pro-plus accounts get 100 GB (instead of 20 GB).

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New prices, 50%-off special offer
The Wikidot Blog points out that Wikidot Inc. has doubled the prices of its Pro accounts. "A Pro-Lite account now costs $49.90 (€49.90 incl. VAT) for a year, and a Pro-Plus account now costs $239.90 (€239.00 incl. VAT) for a year. You can see the new prices on our plans page."

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Wikidot: profitable after 3 years
The Wikidot blog reports that Wikidot is making a growing profit. "When we launched Wikidot.com three years ago we had the vision of offering a reliable, fast, and economic way of building web sites, wikis, and social web applications. It was not clear, at the start, whether this plan would work. Today, I'm happy to be able to tell you that after almost a year of having introduced Pro accounts, Wikidot is making a modest but growing profit."

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Instant educational wikis without waiting
The Wikidot.com blog said today that, "While free private sites are limited to five members, Wikidot.com has offered universities and schools the option of unlimited private sites for their classes and courses. Now, we've decided to make it really simple to get an educational site. In your site manager Access policy page, just click the "educational upgrade" link, enter your school or university name, and description of project, and click "Please upgrade my site now"."

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Wikidot.com database abandons spinning rust for Intel X-25 SSDs
The Wikidot.com blog reported today that "Wikidot.com's primary database sits on a RAID cluster of top-end Intel solid-state memory (SSD) drives. These are expensive but much faster than spinning rust, and much more reliable. The SSDs are Intel X25-E Extreme, one of the fastest SSD drives out there. We're seeing a 7x improvement in database response time, and a 3x improvement in page rendering time."

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Wikidot.com approaches 400k users, 4M pages
Wikidot.com is approaching 4M pages and 400,000 users. Yesterday, according to Alexa, 0.039% of all Internet users worldwide visited Wikidot.com and there are 3,616 sites more popular than Wikidot.com. The Danish like Wikidot.com most of all (they only visit 587 sites more often) while the Chinese prefer 48,974 other sites. Wikidot.com is blocked in mainland China.

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Recent improvements to Wikidot.com
Over the last month, we've seen the new Join and Clone modules, a simpler registration and sign-in process, a new "open" access policy that lets new members join your site with one click, many new ListPage features, simple data forms, and over fifty other bug fixes and improvements.

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