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Wikidot Inc. is giving away five Pro accounts (each worth €119.90 or $119.90 and valid for 1 year), to designers of the most useful or interesting CSS/CSI packages.

The competition runs until midnight of December 31st CET, giving you "the perfect excuse to escape the family on December 26th and spend a few days making something that thousands of people will look at and think, "what on earth was he/she drinking?"", as the blog explains.

For those confused by the terminology, "CSS" is just a stylesheet, a way of telling the browser how to show parts or all of the page. A "CSI package" is a reusable Wikidot mini-application that you can use on any page by writing [[include whatever]]. So the competition is about creating reusable packages of CSS code that do useful things.

Here for example is a CSS/CSI package that creates elegant code blocks on your page:

[[include :csi:include:css-brackets]]

You just write that anywhere on your page and then use [[code]] and [[/code]] to create a code block. There are lots more CSI packages on the CSI site.

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